Hello Wolfpack!

My name is Katie Tart and I am serving as the editor-in-chief for Agromeck, NC State’s official yearbook. Myself and members of our leadership staff are hard at work putting together your year in review of all things NC State happening right on campus and around the world. We’ve been working on volume number 117 since March and are proud to share with you that after three months of planning and putting things together, we have finished our first deadline!

The first deadline is always the hardest one since plans have to be set in stone for the coming year and it takes a lot of work to visualize what we want all 328 pages to look like. Perhaps the hardest part about the first deadline is finalizing a theme. Most people aren’t aware, but just about every yearbook you’ve ever come into contact with has a theme. The theme is what drives the whole book to be one cohesive piece and weaves together writing content and design elements.

It’s with this in mind that I am excited to announce the theme for the 2018-2019 book is Connected. This campus is like a diverse ecosystem; a place where people from all backgrounds can come together and connect with those around them whether that’s on a sports field, in the classroom or at a club meeting. College is all about being connected to the people you meet and the campus community as a whole.

It is our hope this year that we can portray the student body, faculty and staff as a connected unit, one that works together to create a thriving environment for all who encounter it.

I look forward to a great year covering everything Wolfpack related!


Katie Tart

Written by Katie Tart