Right now we have the following openings:

Staff Writer

Staff writers are responsible for writing articles that feature a specific aspect of campus life or issues pertaining to students. They are responsible for gathering fair and accurate information and portraying it as such.


  • Write a headline and subhead for each story.
  • Assist section editors in collecting story ideas.
  • Assist in writing captions.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Assist in marketing and promoting the yearbook with duties as assigned by editors.
  • Attend work nights.
  • Be an active member of the staff.
  • Research events or related content for every story and prepare well-thought interview questions.

Staff Designer

Staff designers are responsible for designing the layout of each yearbook spread, filling it with photographs, text, and alternative coverage in a creative and consistent way.


  • Lay out spreads with photos and articles.
  • Help design promotional material including postcards, flyers, etc…
  • Work with the photography editor in selecting photos for spreads.
  • Attend staff meetings.
  • Help publicize the book/portrait sessions.
  • Attend work nights.
  • Be an active member of staff, taking assignments and participating in meetings.
  • Challenge themselves with unusual spreads; think outside the box.
  • Always work to maintain the theme and design elements of the current year’s book.

Staff Photographer

Staff photographers are responsible for taking photos of campus life and issues pertaining to students. Photographers are also responsible for gathering accurate and complete caption information.


  • Attend weekly photo meetings.
  • Complete photo assignments in a timely fashion as determined by the photo editor.
  • Place caption/credit information in the File Info of every photo placed on the server.