NC State’s Official Year in Review

1903 book inside

The Agromeck is the official yearbook of North Carolina State University. First published in 1903, the Agromeck is the oldest student publication on campus. The book serves to provide a review of each school year from the student perspective. The name honors N.C. State’s origin as the North Carolina College of Agriculture (“Agro”) and Mechanic Arts (“meck”). The yearbook is full of pictures and articles that document all things N.C. State, from student life to state and national news.

Since 2004, the Agromeck has won 10 Pacemaker awards and 11 Crown awards — two of the highest honors bestowed to college publications.

1903 board of editors

1903 Board of Editors

1903 yearbook title page

1903 Title Page

“After many months of weary toil, we submit the first volume of ‘The Agromeck,’ now with fear and trembling, not even with the hope that it will find favor in your eyes. We are forced to confess that it is far different from what our enthusiasm once led us to hope to make it. But the work was more difficult than we thought; someones we have been on the brink of giving up the task, but some kind, loving friend would breathe into our ears words of encouragement. Thus we have labored on and finally produce this work, which will doubtless make the world stand aghast and amazed at its wondrous content.…

It is our earnest hope that other volumes of ‘The Agromeck’ will be produced, not like this one, but better. The class of ’03 has set the pace — let the classes hereafter follow suit.”

The Editors, 1903