child holding bug while adult watches

Adam Whisnant, an alumnus, shows a bug to a child at BugFest, his seventh time at the event. Whisnant, who majored in zoology, chemistry and biochemistry, said he enjoys working at the lepidoptera table — the butterflies and moths. “It’s the easiest way to get people in, and people are drawn to a butterfly’s beauty,” he said. “It shows people not all insects are gross or bad.”

Bugfest, by Natalie Claunch

Technician Photo Editor Sarah Tudor said:

Natalie’s photo from Bugfest, which ran in the Technician Sept. 13, is a great example of getting a tight shot that still displays what is happening at the event. The boy in the photo is engaged with the bug, but you can also see that Whisnant has other bugs in the background. The photo leads the eye around the photo to get a good understanding of what happened at Bugfest.

Written by slbrinkl