two men shotgun beer from cans

Taylor Nunn, a senior in business administration, and Adison Plyler, a senior in turf grass management, shotgun beers during pre-game tailgating for the N.C. State vs. Western Carolina football game Sept. 4. "We're out here tailgating every game," Nunn and Plyler said. "We've been out here since 1pm." Tailgating lots open five hours prior to kickoff for each home game."

Shotgun, by Kevin Cook

Agromeck Photo Editor Marisa Akers said:

Kevin’s photo, which ran in the Technician Sept. 7, was chosen because of Kevin’s ability to capture an exciting moment and convey emotion to the viewer. Tailgating is frequently seen as a vital part of the “college experience” and his work displays this event for readers of Technician. Because of the angle, the bright blue sky provides a clean backdrop for the subjects and the bright sunlight allowed him to shoot with a fast shutter speed, resulting in a sharply-focused, clear photo.

Written by slbrinkl