man juggling bowling pins

Sam Holmes, a senior in industrial design, juggles pins as part of CircusSpark during the 5th annual SparkCon Sept. 18 in downtown Raleigh. Holmes heard about SparkCon from a design letters, his roommates, and his family. "I like CircusSPARK," Holmes said. "I like to pick up and juggle stuff." In between shows, people were able to juggle, hula-hoop and play in a drum circle.

Circus, by Luis Zapata

Agromeck Photo Editor Marisa Akers said:

Luis’ photo, taken in downtown Raleigh during SparkCon, gave Technician readers a glimpse of student involvement in the local community, off campus. Because it was shot from an odd angle near the ground, different people and buildings are layered, filling the frame, and this creativity makes it stands out from average photos that shot from the eye-level that people are already used to seeing the world from. The preparations that led up to the second that the photo was taken helped Luis capture a fun moment in a way that clearly conveys the playful atmosphere of the event. Luis’s photo ran in the Technician Sept. 20.

Written by slbrinkl