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    March 2008 • John Cosgrove

    [lwegallery] Cosgrove is a graduating senior in electrical engineering and computer engineering, and he is in his second semester on staff. “In all the chaotic mess that are the Student Media offices, we still produce some of the best publications in the country, and I’m proud to work for them,” John Cosgrove said.

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    2007 Agromeck, Windhover receive top national award

    N.C. State’s student yearboook, the Agromeck, and its literary and arts magazine, Windhover, will be recognized with a Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association this coming spring. “Our students continue to produce some of the finest publications in the country, even at a school without a journalism degree,” said Bradley Wilson, adviser to both media. “They work hard every day to document the activities of some 30,000 students and additional faculty and staff as well as to give them an outlet for creativity.”