Hey Wolfpack!

With move in weekend upon us, campus appears to be returning to its natural state of activity and we here at Agromeck could not be more excited! This campus thrives when all of its parts come together to create the lively community we all know and love, and with the Class of 2022 joining the Pack for the first time, things can only get better!

Agromeck also has more reasons to celebrate as we just finished our second deadline and are preparing to welcome new members of our staff at the Student Media Open House this Tuesday.

Deadline two was far easier than our first deadline, due to the fact that it was about half the size and we weren’t scrambling around to finish templates. Our design style is set in stone for this year, so that definitely expedited the process.

This deadline featured events that went all the way back to the beginning of the summer (like graduation and the baseball team’s run in the NCAA tournament) to recent happenings on campus (orientation and summer camps to name a few). Seeing our entire summer laid out in 32 pages does make it seem pretty small, but that just means we’re one step closer to all the exciting events that happen during the school year.

Finally, to the Class of 2022 who may be worrying about leaving home for the first time or starting a new chapter of life, I’d like to finish this letter from the editor by imparting some words of comfort the Agromeck staff recently received from alumni distinguished professor in crop sciences Dr. Bob Patterson, the feature of our May profile.

“It’s only when we go out into the real world and challenge ourselves, challenge our natural curiosity, that we’re going to know what we’re capable of doing,” Patteron said.

Go out there and explore this campus, this city, this community. You’ll find your place in no time and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Welcome home and Go Pack!

Katie Tart

P.S. If you’re interested in joining our team as a writer, designer or photographer feel free to stop by our Student Media Open House happening this Tuesday, August 21 on the third floor of Witherspoon Student Center from 11-2!

Written by Anna Long