Photo of the Week | Feb. 18-22

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Freshman forward T.J. Warren walks out as he’s introduced before the game against Florida State University in PNC Arena Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013. Warren had 31 points and 13 rebounds in the Wolfpack’s 84-66 win to Seminoles. Photo by Ryan Parry.


Technician Deputy Photo Editor John Joyner said:

Ryan did a very nice job here of capturing a moment that is familiar in a very different way. In order to get this shot, Ryan positioned himself on the opposite side of the bench from every other member of the media in attendance – including The News & Observer and myself. In doing so, he captured a familiar event – the player introductions – in a new and very impactful way. The colors, framing, and lighting all lend a very serious, almost somber tone to the frame and places significant emphasis on T.J. Warren; appropriate considering he had one of the best games of his career. In short, this is an example to look to in both sports and other assignments – go to new places, and find new perspectives – it’s often how you get the best photos.

Photo of the Week | Feb. 11-15

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Madison Murphy, a junior in English, observes Ash Wednesday Feb. 13. Ash Wednesday is a Catholic holiday which is the first day of Lent and marks the preparation for the Easter celebration. "I am used to getting weird looks," Murphy said. "I've been doing it my whole life."

Madison Murphy, a junior in English, observes Ash Wednesday Feb. 13. Ash Wednesday is a Catholic holiday which is the first day of Lent and marks the preparation for the Easter celebration. “I am used to getting weird looks,” Murphy said. “I’ve been doing it my whole life.” Photo by Joannah Irvin.


Technician Photo Editor Natalie Claunch wrote:

Instead of taking a ‘mugshot’ of the subject straight on, Joannah took the photo from above. It is successful because Joannah was able to frame the ashen cross with the subject’s hair and eyes without a distracting background, leaving no doubt as to the subject of the photo. Another reason this feature is photo of the week is because it covers religion — something that is very prevalent on campus but often gets overlooked by Student Media.

Photo of the Week | Feb. 4-8

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The fourth floor of Gardner Hall houses the N.C. State Insect Museum. While small in size, the museum holds more than one million insects. Visits can be arranged by contacting Museum Director Bob Blinn. Photo by Georgia Hobbs.


Agromeck Photo Editor Katherine Hoke said:
Georgia did a nice job of photographing the University’s insect museum. This photo is effective mainly because of composition. The multicolored butterfly creates a striking break in pattern from the yellow butterflies surrounding it.  The two large insects on either side work as framing elements to create leading lines that draw the readers eyes from the bottom to the top of the image. This photo is a wonderful example of when macro shots are appropriate in photojournalism.

Photo of the Week | Jan. 28-Feb. 1

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Fullsteam Brewery's head brewer Chris Davis is the mastermind behind the new Cackalacky beer, a ginger pale ale that the brewery hopes to sell at the national level.

Chris Davis, by Ryan Parry

Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said:

Ryan’s environmental portrait of Fullsteam Brewery’s Chris Davis is dramatic and well-executed. By photographing the subject in a storage room rather than at the bar, the viewer gets to see a part of the brewery they might not normally have access to. Davis’s confident position on the kegs makes it clear that Ryan took time to talk to Davis and make sure he was comfortable. Although the focus photo is a bit soft, the photographer’s use of lighting and filling of the frame was very effective.

Photo of the Week | Jan. 21-25

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Ravi Dixit, a senior in microbiology, and Adrienne Brooks, a senior in international studies, discuss summer Study Abroad opportunities in north France at the Study Abroad fair Jan. 24. Photo by Greg Wilson.

Study Abroad Fair, by Greg Wilson

Technician deputy photo editor John Joyner said:

In this photo, Greg used several techniques to put together an excellent photo from the Study Abroad fair. Using a wide aperture, he was able to include the two students in the background flanking the model Eiffel Tower to add context to the photo, but they were sufficiently defocused so as to not distract. Additionally, through the use of a wide angle lens, he was able to enhance the emphasis placed on the model. Finally, the symbolism of the model itself does a very nice job of telling you what the two students were learning about – something foreign – and the pamphlet on the model further specifies it as the Study Abroad program.

Photo of the Week | Jan. 14-18

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Iyanla Vanzant, author of multiple New York Times bestsellers, speaks at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Campus Commemoration in the McKimmon Center Jan. 14. Vanzant encouraged attendees to "take the first step," saying that "You cannot continue to live your own dysfunctional history over and over, hypnotizing yourself into inactivity."

Vanzant Speaks, By Chris Rupert

Technician photo editor Natalie Claunch said:

Instead of uploading a safe picture of the Vanzant behind the podium, Chris captured a moment that portrayed the passion of the speaker. This gives us a much better idea of Vanzant’s personality and is visually interesting. Chris placed Vanzant on the right third and used a relatively shallow depth of field that allows us to focus on Vanzant, but see the audience as well. Good work!

Photo of the Week | Jan. 7-11

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Katrina Colucci, a freshman in chemical engineering, tests out each chair in Hunt Library Jan. 9. "All of the chairs are cool. They're different. I've never seen any like that," Colucci said. "Some look really awesome, while some look extremely uncomfortable."

Hunt Library Chairs, By Max Hodge

Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said:

The way Max framed this photo is both interesting and dynamic. The spiral line of the chair draws viewers’ eyes around the image and towards subject. Max did a nice job of filling the frame while still providing context. The photo also works well because it spotlights a student’s experience in the newly constructed Hunt Library on Centennial Campus.

2012 Agromeck Named Crown Award Finalist

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Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Glaser and Photography Editor Jordan Moore critique the 2011 Agromeck with Kevin Fullerton, creative director of Springboard Creative at the Meet Me in Miami College Yearbook workshop in Miami, Fl. Aug. 12, 2011. Photo by Martha Collins.

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association named the 2012 Agromeck yearbook a Crown award finalist. The organization will present all finalists with a Gold or Silver Crown award during the College Media Association Spring Convention in March.

The book, edited by Kathryn Glaser, also won Best of Show for yearbooks of 300 or more pages at the Associated Collegiate Press convention in Chicago, Ill. in November.

Since 2004, editions of Agromeck have won five Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker awards and three Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown awards, two of the highest honors bestowed upon collegiate publications.

For more information about Crown Awards and a list of all collegiate crown finalists, click here.


Agromeck Wins Fifth Consecutive Pacemaker Award

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2011 Editor-in-Chief Susannah Brinkley, Staff Writer Nikki Stoudt and Design Editor Chelsea Brown at the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in Chicago, Ill. Saturday.

2010-2011 Editor-in-Chief Susannah Brinkley accepted Agromeck’s fifth consecutive Pacemaker award at the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in Chicago, Ill. Saturday night.

The 2011 Agromeck was one of only seven college yearbooks to receive the award, which is considered by many to be collegiate journalism’s highest honor.

“I’m so humbled that I could continue the trend and produce another award-winning book,” Brinkley said. “It was an incredible experience and I am brimming with pride at the work my staff, advisers and I did together — I couldn’t have done this without their help.”

The 2012 Agromeck, edited by Kathryn Glaser, won first place in the convention’s “Yearbook Best of Show” competition. The 2012 Yearbook Pacemaker winners will be announced at the 2013 convention in New Orleans, La.

Agromeck photographers Brent Kitchen and Jordan Moore won ACP photo excellence awards for photographs published in the 2012 edition. Kitchen won first in spot news photography and Moore won fourth in feature photography. Kitchen served as sports editor of the 2011 Agromeck and Moore served as photo editor of the 2012 edition.

Agromeck designer Sarah Stadler won fifth place in infographics for “Occupy the World,” a spread she designed for the 2012 edition. Stadler served as design editor for the 2011 book.

To view a complete list of ACP award winners, click here.


“It is our earnest hope that other volumes of ‘The Agromeck’ will be produced, not like this one, but better. The class of ’03 has set the pace — let the classes hereafter follow suit.” 

-The Editors, 1903

Free Senior Portraits Nov. 5-8

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Last year 591 students took a senior portrait to be part of the Agromeck yearbook!

All graduating seniors are invited to take part in this time-honored tradition with a free senior portrait. Not only will you get your portrait in the book, but you’ll also qualify to receive a free copy of Agromeck.

Your chance to be in the 2013 edition, celebrating 125 years of N.C. State history, is Monday, Nov. 5 through Thursday, Nov. 8.  Portraits will be taken on the third floor of Witherspoon Student Center.

If you are a senior and want you senior portrait to be in this years Agromeck, follow these on screen instructions:

1. Visit by clicking HERE.

2. In the field labeled ‘Enter your school code’ type 279 and click GO.

3. In the drop down menu, select the date you’d like to take your portrait and click Get Available Times’.

4. In the drop down menu, select the time you’d like to take your portrait, and click Make Appointment’.

5. Enter your information and click ‘Schedule It’.

6. Your appointent has been scheduled! Make sure you write down your confirmation number in ase you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.