Emily Meineke, Ph.D. student studying entomology, is currently researching how insects respond to urban heat. Meineke is engaged to marry Joe Kwon, the cellist for Avett Brothers.
By: Tyler Andrews

Photo of the Week | Jan. 26-30

Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Chris Rupert said: This week’s photo of the week was taken by Tyler Andrews. Tyler took a portrait of Emily Meineke, an Ph.D. candidate in entomology. Tyler did a great job setting up this portrait. He placed the subject in an interesting location that adds to the story of the photo, but doesn’t… Read more »

Melissa Harris-Perry, professor of politics and international affairs at Wake Forest University, speaks at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Jan. 12, 2015 in the State Ballroom.  Perry is well-know for her self-titled weekend news and opinion show and as the author of "Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America."
By: Caide Wooten

Photo of the Week | Jan. 19-23

Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Ryan Parry said: This week’s Photo of the Week is by Technician Photo Editor Caide Wooten. Caide covered the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration in Talley Student Union’s new State Ballroom and took full advantage of the visual elements available in the room. For a speaker shot, this photo stands out from the… Read more »

Performance of a traditional Indian dance during the Hunar Revolution Fashion Show Dec. 5, 2014 in the W. Duke Kimbrell Atrium.  The show, sponsored by the College of Textiles and the Association for India's Development (AID), featured designs by NC State student and the underprivileged female tailors of Jaipur, India.
By: Caide Wooten

Photo of the Week | Jan. 12-16

Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Chris Rupert said: This week’s photo of the week was taken at the Hunar Revolution Fashion Show by Technician’s Photo Editor, Caide Wooten. Three photographers shot this event and all came back with great photos but this one really stood out from the rest. There is both great emotion and action. Caide… Read more »

Redshirt junior guard Trevor Lacey shoots the ball during the basketball game against Cincinnati in PNC Arena Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014. The Bearcats defeated the Wolfpack, 76-60.
By: John Joyner

Photo of the Week | Jan. 5-9

Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Ryan Parry said: This week’s Photo of the Week is a basketball photo by John Joyner. Winter break brought a lot of basketball to PNC Arena in Raleigh and with that came some amazing shots from our staff. John’s photo stood out because of the action going on in the photo. Basketball… Read more »

Jeremy Berg, a senior in nuclear engineering and a Petty Officer in the Navy, and Nicole Abbott, a senior in psychology, say they know that they are "the ones" for each other.

By: Tyler Andrews

Photo of the Week | Dec. 8-12

Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Chris Rupert said: “This week’s Photo of the Week is a portrait by Tyler Andrews. Tyler did a great job with this portrait and it is a great example of using multiple strobes in a portrait. Tyler took this portrait outside of Bostian Hall while the level of ambient light was at… Read more »

Examining his pinhole lens, junior in biological engineering Joshua Holder checks to make sure it is completely circular. The Craft Center held their annual Pinhole competition on Saturday and Sunday after having students build them on Thursday and Friday, August 19, 2014. The contest challenges the students to capture the campus as seen through the eye of a pinhole camera. The winners of the judge's choice and people's choice awards receive a free class at the craft center.

 By:  Joseph Phillips

Photo of the Week | Dec. 1-5

Agromeck Photo Editor, John Joyner said: “This week’s Photo of the Week is Joseph Phillips’s feature photo from last Monday’s Technician. This photo is a great example of what we look for in a feature photo; Joseph found an interesting story and depicted it in a visually interesting way. The use of light in the photo… Read more »

Shayna Yeager, a model in Art2Wear, has makeup applied during the pre-show routine. Yeager was a model in "Creatures of the Deep," a collection designed by Sarah Edens, a junior in fashion and textile management, and Lindsey Sherrill, a senior in fashion and textile management. By:  Joannah Irvin

Photo of the Week | April 22-26

Technician Photo Editor Natalie Claunch said: I picked Joannah Irvin’s photo because it is behind-the-scenes coverage of an event N.C. State hosts every year– Art to Wear. We usually see runway shots from this show, which highlight the fashion, but this photo shows us the preparation before the big moment. Joannah’s choice of framing includes… Read more »

Senior in mathematics Jason Massey climbs a popular route at the Three Bears Gulley at Pilot Mountain State Park near Pinnacle, N.C. "Climbing's a great way to get out of the big city and relieve a good amount of stress," Massey said. "You don't think about anything but your next move. It's also a good excuse to go to some really cool spots that most people don't even know exist."
By:  Greg Wilson

Photo of the Week | April 15-19

 Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said: Greg Wilson’s photo is a great example of what a feature photo should look like. He captured different, visually striking and relevant student activity in a creative way. Not only did Greg go off campus to get this shot, but he suspended himself in the air above and behind the subject. This… Read more »

Sophomore infielder Jake Armstrong attempts to catch a fly ball during the game against Virginia Tech, Friday April 5, 2013. The Wolfpack battled the Hokies for six scoreless innings to a victory of 8-7 in the fourteenth inning, and went on to win all three games in the weekend series.
By:  Natalie Claunch

Photo of the Week | April 8-12

Technician Deputy Photo Editor Ryan Parry said: This week’s photo of the week goes to Technician Photo Editor Natalie Claunch’s picture of Jake Armstrong preparing to make an outfield catch at the Virginia Tech baseball game. We don’t often capture the moments in the outfield, but when we do, this is how they should be done. The… Read more »

Claustrophobic bike lane on Hillsborough Street.
By:  Greg Wilson

Photo of the Week | April 1-5

Technician Deputy Photo Editor John Joyner said: Greg Wilson did a nice job here of thinking outside the box to get this shot. Using a GoPro, he was able to get the shot from an angle that would have been very hard to get otherwise. Getting a shot from onboard the bike lent an intimacy to… Read more »

  • Corinne Canavarro, junior in First Year College, and Jordan Gower, a senior in mathematics, perform at the dress rehearsal for the Panoramic Dance Project Saturday, March 23, 2013 in Titmus Theatre.  Canavarro, who has eight years of dance experience, choreographed the piece titled Assesment.  Gower, performing for the second time with the dance project, has been focussing his work on ballroom and modern dance styles. 
By:  Tyler Andrews

    Photo of the Week | March 25-29

    Technician Photography Editor Natalie Claunch said: Photo of the week goes to Tyler Andrews for his shot of the Panoramic Dance Project dress rehearsal. Tyler was able to effectively expose the photo for highlights and shadows, creating a dramatic effect to the moment of the dancer balancing herself. Her pose fills the entire frame, and creates… Read more »

  • Taylor Jones, a junior in microbiology, and Lisa Angermeier, a junior in animal science, check out the poultry science club's live exhibit in the Brickyard March 18, 2013.  The exhibit, as a part of Agriculture Awareness Week, illustrates the genetic improvements made in meat-producing chickens over the past sixty years through selective breeding techniques alone.
By:  Caide Wooten

    Photo of the Week | March 18-22

    Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said: Caide Wooten did a great job of capturing the essence of Agricultural Awareness Week, an event Student Media covers annually, in a different way. His consideration of composition, perspective and lighting coupled with the moment of emotion on the students’ faces makes the photo work. He utilized the texture of… Read more »

  • Juniors C.J. Leslie and Lorenzo Brown and senior Richard Howell scream after a dunk by freshman guard Rodney Purvis to end the ACC Tournament first round game against Virginia Tech Thursday, March 14, 2013. The Wolfpack defeated the Hokies 80-63 at the Greensboro Coliseum.
By:  Ryan Parry

    Jim Colton Guest Critique | Photo of the Week | March 11-15

    Former Sports Illustrated Photo Editor and Photography Consultant Jim Colton said: There’s often a misconception about sports photography that the best pictures are of peak action — buzzer beaters, slam dunks, etc. — but sometimes when all that action is happening in front of you, the better picture is actually behind you! Reaction is often… Read more »

  • David Buffaloe, instrument shop supervisor at the Bio&Ag Research Shop.
By:  Tyler Andrews

    Photo of the Week | Feb. 25-March 1

    Technician deputy photo editor Ryan Parry said: This week’s photo of the week is Tyler Andrew’s portrait of David Buffaloe, the instrument shop supervisor at the Bio&Ag Research Shop. Tyler was able to light the subject perfectly through external flash and the natural lighting of the shop. He also took the time to get to know… Read more »

  • Freshman forward T.J. Warren walks out as he's introduced against Flordia State Univesity Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013.  Warren had 31 points and 13 rebounds in the Wolfpack's 84-66 win against the Seminoles at PNC Arena.  
By:  Ryan Parry

    Photo of the Week | Feb. 18-22

    Technician Deputy Photo Editor John Joyner said: Ryan did a very nice job here of capturing a moment that is familiar in a very different way. In order to get this shot, Ryan positioned himself on the opposite side of the bench from every other member of the media in attendance – including The News & Observer and… Read more »

  • Photo of the Week | Feb. 11-15

    Technician Photo Editor Natalie Claunch wrote: Instead of taking a ‘mugshot’ of the subject straight on, Joannah took the photo from above. It is successful because Joannah was able to frame the ashen cross with the subject’s hair and eyes without a distracting background, leaving no doubt as to the subject of the photo. Another reason… Read more »

  • The fourth floor of Gardner Hall houses the N.C. State Insect Museum. While small in size, the museum holds more than one million insects. Visits can be arranged by contacting Museum Director Bob Blinn.
By:  Georgia Hobbs

    Photo of the Week | Feb. 4-8

     Agromeck Photo Editor Katherine Hoke said: Georgia did a nice job of photographing the University’s insect museum. This photo is effective mainly because of composition. The multicolored butterfly creates a striking break in pattern from the yellow butterflies surrounding it.  The two large insects on either side work as framing elements to create leading lines… Read more »

  • Photo of the Week | Jan. 28-Feb. 1

    Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said: Ryan’s environmental portrait of Fullsteam Brewery’s Chris Davis is dramatic and well-executed. By photographing the subject in a storage room rather than at the bar, the viewer gets to see a part of the brewery they might not normally have access to. Davis’s confident position on the kegs makes… Read more »

  • Ravi Dixit, a senior in microbiology and Adrienne Brooks, a senior in international studies, discuss summer Study Abroad opportunities in north France at the Study Abroad fair Jan. 24.
By: Greg Wilson.

    Photo of the Week | Jan. 21-25

    Technician deputy photo editor John Joyner said: In this photo, Greg used several techniques to put together an excellent photo from the Study Abroad fair. Using a wide aperture, he was able to include the two students in the background flanking the model Eiffel Tower to add context to the photo, but they were sufficiently… Read more »

  • Iyanla Vazant, author of multiple New York Times Best Selling books, speaks at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Campus Commemoration in the McKimmon Center Jan. 14. Vazant encouraged attendees to "take the first step," saying that "You cannot continue to live your own dysfunctional history over and over, hypnotizing yourself into inactivity."
By: Chris Rupert.

    Photo of the Week | Jan. 14-18

    Technician photo editor Natalie Claunch said: Instead of uploading a safe picture of the Vanzant behind the podium, Chris captured a moment that portrayed the passion of the speaker. This gives us a much better idea of Vanzant’s personality and is visually interesting. Chris placed Vanzant on the right third and used a relatively shallow depth of… Read more »