• Male student grills
    Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | September 4-9

    Agromeck Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “For the NC State football team’s home opener against William and Mary, half of the action took place before the game in the parking lot while students and fans tailgate.  A handful of tailgaters go all out with huge grills, big tents for dancing, and huge speakers to get fans excited before heading into Carter-Finley Stadium.  Fans braved storms hours before the game to continue tailgating and get ready to support the Pack in the home opener. This photo puts the viewer in the middle of the tailgate, and the visible steam from the grill almost gives you a taste of the sizzling burgers.”

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | August 1-5

    Agromeck Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “Academic Adviser for Exploratory Studies Mindy Sopher, is the subject of the Agromeck’s July profile.  For this year’s edition we have decided to use studio lit portraits as the style for all of our profiles.  Using this style allows for complete control over the lighting but also requires the photographer to have great ‘camera talk’ skills.  ‘Camera talk’ is simply how the photographer engages with their subject to evoke a certain emotion or facial expression. This portrait of Mindy Sopher shows off her genuine smile and captures her bubbly personality. “  

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | July 24-30

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: While everyone loves a great action shot at a sporting event, they can be a bit repetitive after a while. A lot of times the more compelling photos are found away from the action and help tell the story in a way everyone can relate to. In this photo,  Frank Pierce and his two sons Andrew and Austin catch a ball tossed to them by a player in between innings. the smile on the little boy’s face captures why many of us care about sports in the first place – for the love of the game.

  • Writer Eliza Eisenhardt interviews Brian Iezzi in front of Thompson Hall on April 14, 2016.
    On Assignment

    On Assignment | Brian Iezzi

    Today, on the steps of Thompson Hall, writer Eliza Eisenhardt interviewed senior textile/materials science engineering major Brian Iezzi for Agromeck 2017’s March Profile. Brian started a bike share program on the Honors Quad here on campus, and is one of the founding members of NC State Stewards, an organization that has started many sustainability initiatives on campus and serves to promote sustainable practices. “Brian is a leader on campus and highly involved in entrepreneurship and sustainability; he was a natural choice for our March Profile,” said Eliza. “He was very charismatic and easy to interview; we’re so excited to have him in the book!” Buy your copy of this year’s…

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | April 10-17

    Co-Photo Editors KayDee Gawlik and Bryan Murphy said: Capturing the excitement in Anthony’s face is the main strength of this photo, and focusing on that wonder. Nick was able to shoot the picture at eye level of the subject, allowing the viewer to see through the subject’s point of view. Framing the picture through use of the surrounding convention attendees allows the pointing subject to lead the viewer’s eye across the picture.

  • joseph_mcrae
    On Assignment

    On Assignment | Joseph McRae

    “I’m not in stores yet, but after this maybe I will be!” -Joseph McRae     Today, on a sunny courtyard on Centennial Campus, Photo Editor Kai McNeil took Joseph McRae’s portrait for Agromeck’s upcoming issue, where he will be featured as our September Profile. McRae, a senior in electrical engineering, showed his latest androgynous apparel line at this year’s SparkCon. Editor in Chief Molly Donovan also tagged along for moral and technical support. Of the shoot, Molly said that Joseph was enthusiastic and easy to work with. “The hardest part for me was holding up the reflector!” she said. Kai chose to shoot Joseph, who is a senior in electrical…

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Dec. 1-5

    This portrait of Sophie was taken by the Agromeck Photo Editor, Kai F. McNeil. “After listening in on interview between her and Eliza, and meeting her myself I tried to craft a portrait that would match her soft features, creative and captivating spirit. I used a reflector and natural light to eliminate some of the shadow of her face and give her eyes highlight. This definitely has to be one of my favorite portraits of this year.”

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | April 6-10

    Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Chris Rupert said: This week’s photo of the week was taken by staff photographer John Joyner. To start off, John did a great job framing this photo. He placed the subject, who is facing right, in the left side of the frame. This gives the subject plenty of room and makes it seem like the disc could fly right across the frame. The tight cropping helps focus the reader’s attention on the offense and defense and helps reduce any distracting elements in the photo. Lastly, John made great use of the natural lighting available, which highlights both the subject and the disc.

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | March 30-April 3

    Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Chris Rupert said: This week’s photo of the week was taken by Technician photo editor Caide Wooten. This photo shows a side of N.C. State normally unseen to most students. Caide did an outstanding job framing this photo. He broke the traditional rule of thirds by placing the subject in the center of the frame, but thanks to the symmetry of the scene, ultimately adds to the photo. Caide took this photo below eye level, allowing him to place the chicks and their feeder in the foreground of the frame as well as creating leading lines with the rafters, leading right to the subject.

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | March 16-20

    Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Chris Rupert said: This week’s photo of the week was taken by staff photographer Sorena Dadgar of participants in Holi, a festival celebrating Krishna. Several photographers covered this event but Sorena’s photo stood out from the rest. In this photo Sorena managed to capture both great emotion from the festival’s attendees but also great action as they collectively throw colored starch into the air.  Many of the photographs from this event were of one or a few people, but by shooting wide she was able to capture the sheer scale of the celebration.