• Sydney Respass scoops ice cream
    Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | STATE FAIR EDITION

    This week’s Photo of the Week is a very special State Fair edition. Our beloved Photo Editor, Kaydee Gawlik, captured this shot of Sydney Respass, a junior in Food Science, working at the Food Science Club’s booth on Saturday, October 14th. Every year, the Food Science Club sponsors the Howling Cow ice cream booth at the State Fair – we love seeing all the different student organization representing at the Fair! Kaydee had this to say about the work behind the shot: “Sydney was just doing what she had signed up to do, which was managing the stress of arguably the most hectic time of day – I visited the…

  • womens-bball-signing-packapalooza
    Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Welcome Week Edition

      We have a very special Photo of the Week today, chosen from among all the awesome photos our photography staff took at Wolfpack Welcome Week events. Wolfpack Welcome Week is one of our favorite NC State traditions, with an entire week filled with fun activities to welcome students back to campus. This photo, taken by staff photographer Nick Faulkner at Packapalooza, was selected by co-photo editor Kaydee Gawlik. Kaydee had this to say about the photo: “This photo has great leading lines: the table bisects the photo and leads the eye of the viewer across the whole autograph line, not to mention that it’s awesome to feature our rockin’…

  • sigma-chi-maiden-lane
    News,  Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | July 17-21

      This week’s Photo of the Week comes courtesy of co-Photo Editor Kai Anthony McNeil. In preparation for our spread highlighting the destruction of the historic homes on Maiden Lane, he snapped this amazing shot in the backyard of one of Maiden’s fraternity houses. Kai had this to say about why the composition of this photo is so striking: “This picture just encaptures the story of the historic homes on Maiden Lane. On the right, we see the past, a reminder of the fraternities that moved into Maiden Lane and really made it part of campus, how proud students are to live in these houses. On the left, we see…

  • [Special Olympian Brian Carter demonstrates a deadlift]
    Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | July 3-7

      This week’s Photo of the Week was taken by photographer Sam Feldstein at the Special Olympics Summer Games at Witherspoon Student Center. Photo Editor Kai McNeil had this to say about the photo: ” The power stance of the competitor displayed in the composition of the photo really allows viewers to understand the feat he is achieving. “ Thanks for the amazing photo Sam! Make sure to follow Agromeck on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on each and every Photo of the Week!

  • Photo of the Week

    Spread of the Deadline | State Fair

      Editor in Chief Amanda Pearlswig said: The second spread of the State Fair package uses a variety of design elements to create a dynamic spread. What makes this spread interesting are the style of photos taken; they show two very different perspectives of the fair. In addition, it also highlights three NC State student volunteers with action photos and short descriptions. The spread also includes the remainder of the story from the first spread.

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Jan. 23-27

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “In this photo that senior staff photographer Kaydee Gawlik captured at the Women’s March on Raleigh this week, we can see that the protester has her back to us.  As photojournalists we almost always strive to have the subject’s face in the photo. It helps establish a connection with the viewer and the subject. The expression on the face of the subject will almost always tell a story.  But in this case the focus is on the female solidarity symbol taped onto her back. This symbol tells more of the story of the event than a photo from the front would have.  Framing the woman…

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Election Edition

      This week is a very special Election Day edition of Photo of the Week! Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a rally Monday night in Reynolds Coliseum, while Republican candidate and real estate developer Donald Trump held a rally in Dorton Arena. Staff photographer Adam Schmidt captured this great shot of musicians Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga during their performance at Sec. Clinton’s rally. While Sec. Clinton was projected to win the election by most polls, victories in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina gave Mr. Trump the 270 votes needed for a victory. To stay up to date on all Agromeck’s national news…

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | DEADLINE EDITION

    This week’s Photo of the Week is a special deadline edition. Agromeck Photo Editor Bryan Murphy chose this photo, by staff photographer KayDee Gawlik, out of all the shots included in the spreads submitted this deadline – that’s over 50 pages of event coverage, interviews, student profiles, news reporting, and more! Here’s what Bryan had to say: “The first thing that caught my eye about this photo is the perspective. The photographer framed the girls climbing such that the ground is not in the photo. This gives the effect that the climbers are extremely high up in the sky. The second part of this photo I really liked is that…

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Oct. 3-7

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: This photo of First Lady Michelle Obama stands out for two reasons. First, in terms of composition, it is a very symmetrical photo which directs the focus of the photo to the First Lady. And second, the photographer captured a bit of her personality showing through. Capturing expressions and emotions like this helps us relate to the subject of the photo much more and makes for a much more exciting photo than the typical speaker shot of a candidate at a political rally.

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Sept. 12-16

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “Photo correspondent Elizabeth Byers did a great job capturing a moment in this photo.  She demonstrated the classic rule of thirds by capturing three faces in the photo. Elizabeth also filled the frame with the dog and children.  By filling the frame, she is directing the viewer right to the subject and not leaving any open space in the photo to distract the viewer.  Plus, who doesn’t like adorable kids and puppies?”