Board Report Guidelines

Sept. 12 | Oct. 10 | Nov. 14 | Jan. 9 | March 13 | April 10
All meetings are at 7 p.m. in 356 Witherspoon (African-American Cultural Center)


All editors and managers hired by the Student Media Board of Directors are required to prepare a written report for each regular meeting of the Student Media Board of Directors. These reports serve to keep the Board informed as well as to document the activities within the organization. They become an official part of the Student Media Board of Directors minutes and, as such, document the history of the organization.


Board reports are due at the Thursday before the Tuesday Board meeting by noon so that the reports can be posted online and reviewed by Board members in advance of the meeting. Email the text of the report in the body of the email (not an attachment) to Patrick Neal.

2017-2018 Report DeadlinesSept. 7 | Oct. 5 | Nov. 9 | Jan. 4 | March 8 | April 5

All reports are due by noon on the day indicated.


The following is a checklist of areas that should be included in the reports, as they apply to your medium. Reports are not limited to these areas.


  • Are we meeting revenue projections? Why or why not?
  • How many books/ads/sponsorships have we sold?


  • Are there any expenditures that are out of the ordinary?
  • Are any expenditures out of line with the budget?


  • Significant staff changes. What leaders have you hired or fired?
  • How many people are on staff?


  • What training has the staff undergone since the last Board meeting?
  • Was the training effective? Why/why not?
  • Who conducted the training?


  • Are there any problems with technology?
  • Is the hardware/software being used adequate? If not, why not? And what would be better?
  • How are we working to function in a technologically sophisticated environment?


  • What is the staff doing to cover campus activities or to maintain its focus on the N.C. State campus?
  • Has the staff hosted/participated in any events?


  • What challenges has the staff had meeting deadlines?
  • In a quantifiable manner, how is the staff doing meeting deadlines?

Ethics/Legal issues

  • How has the staff handled any ethical dilemmas?
  • Corrections/clarifications (no matter how small); what is being done to reduce the number of corrections?
  • Any legal issues or potential issues?