WKNC reaches 10,000 Twitter followers

WKNC Twitter account

WKNC's Twitter account reached its 10,000th follower on Dec. 5. The student-run radio station joined Twitter @WKNC881 and launched a Facebook page in February 2009. The Facebook page currently has 8,726 likes.

According to social media analytics tool Tweetchup, @WKNC881 averaged 4.5 tweets per day over the last 12 months. WKNC's tweets were favorited 2,131 times and retweeted 202,775 times during the same time period.

WKNC has been praised for its social media several times, including two Best Social Media Presence awards from College Broadcasters, Inc. in 2014 and 2015. General Manager Emily Ehling and Adviser Jamie Lynn Gilbert presented the station’s social media strategy at CBI's National Student Electronic Media Convention in October 2016.

To provide some comparison, here is how @WKNC881 stacks up to some other college radio stations across the U.S. and Canada:

  • @RadioK, Radio K at University of Minnesota, 14,475 followers
  • @KXLU889, KXLU-FM at Loyola Marymount, 11,864 followers
  • @WERS889FM, WERS-FM at Emerson College, 10,316 followers
  • @CiTRradio, CiTR-FM at University of British Columbia, 9,638 followers
  • @KVRX, KVRX-FM at University of Texas-Austin, 7,396 followers
  • @KJHK, University of Kansas, 5,765 followers
  • @wrasalbum88, WRAS-FM at Georgia State University, 5,755 followers
  • @WREK, WREK-FM at Georgia Tech, 4,816 followers
  • @WXDU, WXDU-FM at Duke University, 4,009 followers
  • @WXYC, WXYC-FM at UNC-Chapel Hill, 3,423 followers