2016 Agromeck to be Balfour National Sample Book

The 2016 edition of the Agromeck, which will be sent to publish on March 4, has been chosen to be a National Sample Book for Balfour Publishing.


This means that the printing plant will purposefully print and bind extra copies of the 2016 Agromeck to keep and use as an example for the company’s other clients.

“Sample yearbooks are used as journalism resources in workshops across the country and by Balfour’s representatives in their selling efforts,” wrote Michael Cobb, director of marketing at Balfour.

The yearbooks chosen to be National Sample Books represent 3 percent of the publications that Balfour will produce this year.

For more information, please contact Administrative and Annual Publications Coordinator Martha Collins at mcollin2@ncsu.edu or Agromeck Editor-in-Chief Molly Donovan at agromeck-editor@ncsu.edu.