WKNC reaches 6,000 Twitter followers


WKNC has reached a milestone with its 6,000 Twitter follower. The student-run radio station joined Twitter @WKNC881 and launched a Facebook fan page in February 2009. The Facebook page currently has 5,271 fans.

According to TweetStats, @WKNC881 averages 76 tweets per month, tweets more on Friday than any other day, and is most likely to retweet @WKNCLocalBeat.

To provide some comparison, here is how @WKNC881 stacks up to some other Twitter users at N.C. State and in student media:

  • @PackFootball, N.C. State football, 25,714 followers
  • @PackMensBball, N.C. State men's basketball, 20,734 followers
  • @DailyTarHeel, Daily Tar Heel at UNC-Chapel Hill, 16,065 followers
  • @PackAthletics, N.C. State athletics program, 15,773 followers
  • @NC State, N.C. State official feed, 9,102 followers
  • @WERS889FM, WERS-FM at Emerson College, 7,652 followers
  • @NCStateAlumni, N.C. State alumni association, 6,455 followers
  • @KXLU889, KXLU-FM at Loyola Marymount, 5,307 followers
  • @KVRX, KVRX-FM at University of Texas-Austin, 4,465 followers
  • @ncsutechnician, Technician newspaper, 3,134 followers
  • @PackWomensBball, N.C. State women's basketball, 2,850 followers
  • @WREK, WREK-FM at Georgia Tech, 2,834 followers
  • @wrasalbum88, WRAS-FM at Georgia State University, 2,693 followers
  • @WXDU, WXDU-FM at Duke University, 2,057 followers
  • @WXYC, WXYC-FM at UNC-Chapel Hill, 1,846 followers