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    Photo of the Week | Oct. 22-26

    Thousands of people from across the state pour into Raleigh each year for a chance to view some of the most impressive agriculture, taste new and bizarre food combinations, and stand in line to buy a scoop of Howlin’ Cowl ice cream specifically hand-crafted for the North Carolina State Fair. This week’s photo of the week celebrates the NC State students who not only attend the fair, but also play larger roles by volunteering their on behalf of various student organizations. To learn more about how NC State is involved in the execution of the North Carolina State Fair, pre-order your Agromeck here.  

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    Photo of the Week | July 17-21

      This week’s Photo of the Week comes courtesy of co-Photo Editor Kai Anthony McNeil. In preparation for our spread highlighting the destruction of the historic homes on Maiden Lane, he snapped this amazing shot in the backyard of one of Maiden’s fraternity houses. Kai had this to say about why the composition of this photo is so striking: “This picture just encaptures the story of the historic homes on Maiden Lane. On the right, we see the past, a reminder of the fraternities that moved into Maiden Lane and really made it part of campus, how proud students are to live in these houses. On the left, we see…

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    Photo of the Week | Jan. 19-23

    Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Ryan Parry said: This week’s Photo of the Week is by Technician Photo Editor Caide Wooten. Caide covered the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration in Talley Student Union’s new State Ballroom and took full advantage of the visual elements available in the room. For a speaker shot, this photo stands out from the rest because of the speaker addressing the crowd with both her words and her hands. The NC State sign in the background provides a strong visual background that fills the dead space in the photo. Caide’s shot stands out from the rest of the photos by offering a straight on view of the speaker.  

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    Photo of the Week | April 8-12

    Technician Deputy Photo Editor Ryan Parry said: This week’s photo of the week goes to Technician Photo Editor Natalie Claunch’s picture of Jake Armstrong preparing to make an outfield catch at the Virginia Tech baseball game. We don’t often capture the moments in the outfield, but when we do, this is how they should be done. The moment captured is clearly one that shows that Armstrong is about to make a catch and the base runner in the foreground provides more clarity for the situation. The arm of the runner provides somewhat of a framing effect on Armstrong and draws your eye toward the action that’s going on in the outfield. Natalie…

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    Jim Colton Guest Critique | Photo of the Week | March 11-15

    Former Sports Illustrated Photo Editor and Photography Consultant Jim Colton said: There’s often a misconception about sports photography that the best pictures are of peak action — buzzer beaters, slam dunks, etc. — but sometimes when all that action is happening in front of you, the better picture is actually behind you! Reaction is often better than action. And photography is about capturing the moment. When North Carolina State defeated the Virginia Tech in Greensboro this week, photographer Ryan Parry was acutely aware of this possibility as he captured the spirit of the game with a compelling reaction photo of the Wolfpack bench as they celebrated their first round ACC…

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    Photo of the Week | Feb. 18-22

    Technician Deputy Photo Editor John Joyner said: Ryan did a very nice job here of capturing a moment that is familiar in a very different way. In order to get this shot, Ryan positioned himself on the opposite side of the bench from every other member of the media in attendance – including The News & Observer and myself. In doing so, he captured a familiar event – the player introductions – in a new and very impactful way. The colors, framing, and lighting all lend a very serious, almost somber tone to the frame and places significant emphasis on T.J. Warren; appropriate considering he had one of the best games of his…