• Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Jan. 23-27

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “In this photo that senior staff photographer Kaydee Gawlik captured at the Women’s March on Raleigh this week, we can see that the protester has her back to us.  As photojournalists we almost always strive to have the subject’s face in the photo. It helps establish a connection with the viewer and the subject. The expression on the face of the subject will almost always tell a story.  But in this case the focus is on the female solidarity symbol taped onto her back. This symbol tells more of the story of the event than a photo from the front would have.  Framing the woman…

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | DEADLINE EDITION

    This week’s Photo of the Week is a special deadline edition. Agromeck Photo Editor Bryan Murphy chose this photo, by staff photographer KayDee Gawlik, out of all the shots included in the spreads submitted this deadline – that’s over 50 pages of event coverage, interviews, student profiles, news reporting, and more! Here’s what Bryan had to say: “The first thing that caught my eye about this photo is the perspective. The photographer framed the girls climbing such that the ground is not in the photo. This gives the effect that the climbers are extremely high up in the sky. The second part of this photo I really liked is that…

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Oct. 3-7

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: This photo of First Lady Michelle Obama stands out for two reasons. First, in terms of composition, it is a very symmetrical photo which directs the focus of the photo to the First Lady. And second, the photographer captured a bit of her personality showing through. Capturing expressions and emotions like this helps us relate to the subject of the photo much more and makes for a much more exciting photo than the typical speaker shot of a candidate at a political rally.

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | Sept. 12-16

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “Photo correspondent Elizabeth Byers did a great job capturing a moment in this photo.  She demonstrated the classic rule of thirds by capturing three faces in the photo. Elizabeth also filled the frame with the dog and children.  By filling the frame, she is directing the viewer right to the subject and not leaving any open space in the photo to distract the viewer.  Plus, who doesn’t like adorable kids and puppies?”

  • Male student grills
    Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | September 4-9

    Agromeck Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “For the NC State football team’s home opener against William and Mary, half of the action took place before the game in the parking lot while students and fans tailgate.  A handful of tailgaters go all out with huge grills, big tents for dancing, and huge speakers to get fans excited before heading into Carter-Finley Stadium.  Fans braved storms hours before the game to continue tailgating and get ready to support the Pack in the home opener. This photo puts the viewer in the middle of the tailgate, and the visible steam from the grill almost gives you a taste of the sizzling burgers.”

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | August 1-5

    Agromeck Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: “Academic Adviser for Exploratory Studies Mindy Sopher, is the subject of the Agromeck’s July profile.  For this year’s edition we have decided to use studio lit portraits as the style for all of our profiles.  Using this style allows for complete control over the lighting but also requires the photographer to have great ‘camera talk’ skills.  ‘Camera talk’ is simply how the photographer engages with their subject to evoke a certain emotion or facial expression. This portrait of Mindy Sopher shows off her genuine smile and captures her bubbly personality. “  

  • Photo of the Week

    Photo of the Week | July 24-30

    Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said: While everyone loves a great action shot at a sporting event, they can be a bit repetitive after a while. A lot of times the more compelling photos are found away from the action and help tell the story in a way everyone can relate to. In this photo,  Frank Pierce and his two sons Andrew and Austin catch a ball tossed to them by a player in between innings. the smile on the little boy’s face captures why many of us care about sports in the first place – for the love of the game.