Why are you a part of Agromeck?
I am a big history nerd so the thought of being able to curate a historical record of what life was like at NC State that will go down for years and years is something amazing. Being part of Agromeck gets you plugged in to all aspects of community life, while also working with an amazing group of people.

What is something interesting about you?
I still have a baby tooth. There’s no adult tooth behind it to push it out.

Who is your favorite NC State icon?
Thomas Stafford. That man is such a kind soul who strongly believes in Agromeck and all we do. He is the man with the keys to everything on campus and knows everything there is to know about NC State.

What is your favorite memory from Agromeck?
Either meeting big man on campus Randall Woodson or Belltower tour with T Staff.


Reach me at agromeck-marketing@ncsu.edu !