This week’s photo of the week comes from new correspondent, Devin Raines, from the annual Suicide Prevention Vigil held on Harris Fields in front of Witherspoon Student Cinema. The annual vigil held by NC State Counseling Center & Prevention Services helps to raise awareness by bringing emotional support animals, highlighting mental health resources, and administering QPR training.

Katelyn Foust, a freshman in environmental engineering, pets 15-month-old english mastiff Optimus Prime during the Suicide Prevention Vigil Sep. 10 at Harris Field. Optimus Prime was one of the many service dogs present during the event.(Devin Raines)

“The pure joy that we get just seeing her pet this massive good boy, along with the absolute delight that can be seen on her face makes this a beautiful photo,” Aditya Penumarti, photo editor for Agromeck, said.

Written by Kaydee