Another deadline is finally under wraps for the Agromeck staff. To celebrate, design editor Julia Harrison selected this spread featuring the Wolfpack Men’s Basketball team as our official Spread of the Deadline.

“I really like this spread as the photos showcased across the spread feature movement that is engaging and eye-catching. Also, the header image across the top of the page is intriguing as it helps to place the viewer in the setting of the event. This photo features the crowd in PNC Arena during the game, and more effectively conveys the spirited atmosphere of the game,” Julia said. “Not only are the visuals of this spread done very well but the topic of it is one that is interesting to NC State students as the game created a great deal of excitement due to the last second buzzer beater, hence the headline of the spread.”

For more eye-catching depictions of NC State’s most memorable moments, purchase your copy of the 2019 Agromeck here.


Written by Anna Long