This week’s Photo of the Week features a skillful action shot by a photographer new to the Student Media photo staff, Swathi Karthik. Swathi was able to capture the NC State Women’s Gymnastics team in the midst of their complex routine that earned yet another Wolfpack win.

Sports photos are typically more difficult for new photographers to shoot because of the fast-moving atmosphere. Photo editor Kaydee Gawlik selected this photo as #POTW because of the talent demonstrated by the young photographer.

“The most important things for shooting sports is being able to stop motion and avoid blur — which Swathi absolutely nailed as her subject glides through the air. Even better, she got the reaction and cheers of her teammates in the background (just enough in focus where you know they’re there, but not in focus enough that they compete for subject dominance in the image). Sweet shot, and one I thoroughly enjoyed for another Wolfpack win,” Kaydee said.

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Written by Anna Long