The Women’s Basketball team has show hard work and dedication this season has earned a winning streak of 17-0 for the Wolfpack. This week’s Photo of the Week pays tribute to the team’s triumph, featuring a shot from the game against Pittsburgh Jan. 10 in Reynolds Coliseum.

Photo editor Kaydee Gawlik hand-selected this photo sophomore guard Kai Crutchfield as POTW.

“I kind of wish this picture were shot landscape instead of portrait, but I like how tight the shot is. Crutchfield is a vital part of the Women’s offense, and capturing a ‘slower’ moment amidst everything else feels like a breath of fresh air,” Gawlik said. “Even though the focus is clearly on Crutchfield, I think the layering/patterning of her teammates helps to give a sense of depth that wouldn’t have been achieved just from a shallow depth of field.”

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Written by Anna Long