Sydney Respass scoops ice cream

Sydney Respass, a junior in Food Science, scoops ice cream at the Howling Cow booth at the NC State Fair Saturday, October 14th.

This week’s Photo of the Week is a very special State Fair edition. Our beloved Photo Editor, Kaydee Gawlik, captured this shot of Sydney Respass, a junior in Food Science, working at the Food Science Club’s booth on Saturday, October 14th. Every year, the Food Science Club sponsors the Howling Cow ice cream booth at the State Fair – we love seeing all the different student organization representing at the Fair! Kaydee had this to say about the work behind the shot:

“Sydney was just doing what she had signed up to do, which was managing the stress of arguably the most hectic time of day – I visited the booth around 5 pm on Saturday, which so far has the record of most number of people! In situations like those, it’s really important to stay out of peoples’ ways and be as much of a fly on the wall as possible.”

Written by Meredith Wynn