The former house of Sigma Chi, a fraternity belonging to IFC, is split in half and broken down during the demolishing of Maiden Lane in preparation for the development of new luxury student housing on July 19th, 2018.


This week’s Photo of the Week comes courtesy of co-Photo Editor Kai Anthony McNeil. In preparation for our spread highlighting the destruction of the historic homes on Maiden Lane, he snapped this amazing shot in the backyard of one of Maiden’s fraternity houses. Kai had this to say about why the composition of this photo is so striking:

“This picture just encaptures the story of the historic homes on Maiden Lane. On the right, we see the past, a reminder of the fraternities that moved into Maiden Lane and really made it part of campus, how proud students are to live in these houses. On the left, we see the sad demolishing of this piece of history. Then in the background, we get the constant reminder that this is all for the purpose of N.C. State.  It’s almost a reminder that everything is a process, and of the cost of bringing ourselves forward into the future.”

Written by Meredith Wynn