Academic Adviser and lecturer for Exploratory Studies Mindy Sopher shows off her bubbly personality and bright smile on July 14, 2016. Sopher is chosen as the subject for the July profile for her accomplishments as a lecturer and academic adviser as well as for the love and appreciation her students have shown her.

Agromeck Photo Editor Bryan Murphy said:

“Academic Adviser for Exploratory Studies Mindy Sopher, is the subject of the Agromeck’s July profile.  For this year’s edition we have decided to use studio lit portraits as the style for all of our profiles.  Using this style allows for complete control over the lighting but also requires the photographer to have great ‘camera talk’ skills.  ‘Camera talk’ is simply how the photographer engages with their subject to evoke a certain emotion or facial expression. This portrait of Mindy Sopher shows off her genuine smile and captures her bubbly personality. “


Written by Meredith Wynn