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Veterinarian Seiche Genger, a first year resident in the poultry health management program at the College of Veterinary Medicine, carries a supplemental feeder down the center aisle of the chick-filled teaching animal unit poultry house Tuesday morning, Feb. 10, 2015. Genger is conducting a study to determine if the lesions associated with femoral head necrosis, an osteopathology commonly associated with lameness in poultry, are being artificially induced by the necropsy techniques currently being used or if they are truly a result of pathologic changes in the metaphyseal region of the femur. “There is a lot of argument in the veterinary field if [these lesions] are truly indicative of femoral head necrosis or not because we find that samples submitted from the field that have been positively identified with femoral head necrosis to our laboratory here, and other diagnostic labs, histopathologically don’t indicate such lesions,” said Genger.