Brian Corum, the lead singer of Lonnie Walker performs during the Double Barrel Benefit 12 at the Lincoln Theatre on Feb 7th, 2015. WKNC has been hosting the Double Barrel Benefit for the last 12 years. Night one, had a lineup of four musicians- No Love, Mac McCaughan, Lonnie Walker and Spider Bags. Night two, which is on Feb 14th will have Eternal Summers, Elvis Depressedly, Museum Mouth and Body Games perform. By: Kamakshi Arora.

Agromeck Co-Photo Editor, Ryan Parry said:

This week’s photo of the week is from staff photographer Kamakshi Arora. Kamakshi is a newer photographer that took on a difficult assignment in the Double Barrel Benefit. She did a great job though, coming back with this photo of the lead singer of Lonnie Walker performing. The emotion on his face as he sings makes this picture a step above the rest. Her lighting was done well and the photo is sharp as it should be. Overall, this photo is a great show of her photographic abilities.

Written by Kaitlin Montgomery