man at audio console in back of theatre

Kevin Wright, an alumnus who now works for University Theatre, does a sound check before a rehearsal of University Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” in Stewart Theatre Sept 28. The console, a Yamaha M7 usually resides in Thompson Hall (University Theatre’s home), but is brought to Stewart for University Theatre musicals, which are usually larger in scale and require more seating, as well as backstage and acting areas. “This console is awesome,” Wright said. “It’s got a lot of really great features.” “Twelfth Night,” which is directed by University Theatre Director John McIlwee, runs Sept. 30 through Sunday, Oct. 3 in Stewart Theatre. Student tickets were $5 and could be purchased at Ticket Central in Talley Student Center, by phone, or online.

Twelfth Night, by Kevin Cook

Technician Photo Editor Sarah Tudor said:

Kevin’s photo, of the sound booth, which ran in the Technician Sept. 29, is an excellent example of getting a behind the scenes shot. The assignment was to shoot a play that was going on on-campus. Most people often forget about all the work that goes into a play behind the scenes the actors. Also, Cook utilized the rule of thirds and an interesting angle. Usually tilted angles don’t work well with most photos, but because of the angle of the person in the photo, the tilted look works well.

Written by slbrinkl