students fight in gladiator event

Andrew Finegan, a freshman in mechanical engineering, and Kate Braswell, a freshman in polymer and color chemistry, fight each another in the gladiator blow-up activity at WestFest, an event for residents of West Campus that was held on Lee Field Oct. 3. The two duked it out in a long, dramatic battle. "Kate whooped my butt because she has such great color guard skills. I wasn't prepared to defend against such an onslaught," Finegan said.

West Fest, by Alex Canoutas

Agromeck Photo Editor Marisa Akers said:

Alex’s photo, which ran in Technician Oct. 4, is both well-executed and entertaining. He composed it with the trees, which provided a clean background and the blue weapon framing the action. The emotion captured on the subject’s face is a great example of waiting for the right moment to make a technically good, but boring, photo exciting and unique.

Written by slbrinkl