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Photo of the Week | Aug. 23 to 29

Getting her blood drawn, Susan Cho, senior in business marketing, looks away as an assistant snips a blood pouch at the 500-Pint Blood Drive in Carmichael Gymnasium Aug 20. Cho, who had never given blood before was slightly apprehensive when the employees had difficulty finding her vein. "Everyone was really nice," said Cho. "They all talked me through the process."

Giving Blood, by Jordan Moore

Agromeck Photo Editor Marisa Akers said:

Jordan’s photo, which ran in the Technician Monday, Aug. 23, was chosen because of his interesting use of selective focus and low depth of field. Photographers have shot blood donation events over and over again, but Jordan thought about the photo from a different angle and made it stand out from the others that have been taken. The photo shows the interaction between the doctor and patient and focuses on the blood donation itself, without hiding the typical focus point — Cho’s face. Overall, the photo proves that there is always room for creativity, even in repetitive assignments.