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Fine Print
Mechanical Specifications

No additional charges apply to the following digital-ready formats, which are ad formats that can be placed in the layout without any modifications by our production staff.

Student Media is not responsible for ads not meeting our mechanical specifications. Hard copies should include the file name on the print-out. Please name files according to your company name. Ads must be properly sized. Ads that do not contain a border will have a 0.5-point border added.

If your ad is the wrong size or aspect ratio, you will be asked to correct the problem. Student Media will not distort or stretch ads. Incorrectly sized or misshapen ads may be scaled proportionally. Unused space may be used for other purposes. Proportionally scaled ads will be billed for the size the ad was requested.

A resolution of 170 pixels per inch (ppi) is required for continuous-tone photography and all rasterized images in the Technician and The Nubian Message. 300ppi files are required for the Agromeck.

The quality of ads that must be scanned from preprinted material cannot be guaranteed. Do not include screened material or halftones in artwork to be scanned.

Ads must adhere to professional standards and copyright laws with regard to appearance and production. Do not use low-resolution photography such as that downloaded off the Web.


Always include a native file, all needed fonts and all natived images in addition to the exported file. They may be needed to perform diagnostics on your ad. EPS files should not contain a specific halftone screen or transfer function.

Ads with problems will be returned to the client.

Acceptable file formats:
PDF (.pdf) (preferred)
Illustrator native (.ai)
InDesign native (.indd)*
JPEG (.jpg)
Photoshop (.psd)
Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)

Unacceptable file formats:
Microsoft Publisher (.pub)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Microsoft Excel (.xls)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
GIF (.gif)

*Must be Macintosh compatible.

** To avoid all font problems, make sure all text is "converted to paths."

Customers who are not confident creating PDF files should work closely with their ad rep to ensure that the files are created properly.

Please submit ads via e-mail. Student Media is not responsible for files that do not meet submission criteria


You can e-mail your ad or sponsorships as an attachment to for all of our media outlets. Talk to your advertising representative before e-mailing any files.

Terms and Conditions

Payment is due prior to the first ad insertion unless credit has been established. Accounts desiring credit must submit a credit application and be approved by the business manager before credit can be extended. Allow five to 10 business days prior to deadline for processing.

National ads not placed through an agency must be prepaid.

Classified ads must be paid in advance.

Billing terms are net amount due and payable within 30 days. Accounts over 30 days will be allowed to advertise, but only if the outstanding balance is paid in full. Accounts 60 days past due must re-establish credit to advertise.

Accounts 90 days past due are turned over to the Attorney General’s office for collection. The business manager may also require prepayment for ads on such accounts without receiving the prepay discount. This will remain in effect until all balances are paid in full.

Display advertising will be billed at the end of each month. Tearsheets will be sent each publication day.

There is a $20 service charge on all returned checks.

All cancellations must be received prior to the regular advertising deadline. Ads canceled after deadline will be billed at full value.

Proofed ads that run incorrectly because the proof was returned by the advertiser after deadline will be billed at full value.

All advertising rates are net (non-commissionable).

Advertising Policies

Student Media reserves the right to reject any advertisement at any time prior to publication. Advertisements resembling news items will be labeled "paid advertisement."

The advertiser assumes full liability for his/her advertisements and agrees to hold Student Media harmless for the content of all advertisements authorized for publication and any claims that may be made against Student Media.

Student Media is not liable for damages caused by content of paid advertisements or by poor reproduction quality due to printing.

Student Media is not liable for typographical errors which do not lessen the material value of the advertisement. A subjective view of creativity is not a factor in deciding whether or not a discount is warranted.

Ads which are in error due to the fault of Student Media and are not worth their full value will be discounted at the discretion of the business manager based on the portion of the ad that was in error.

Student Media will be responsible for first-run errors only. Claims for allowance must be made within 10 business days of publication error. After this period the newspaper is exempt from liability due to error. The limit of responsibility will be the total cost of the advertisement in which the error occurs.

Only the business manager has the authority to make adjustments to charges for advertisements; thus all questions should be directed to him/her (919-513-0362).

Composition and artwork created by Student Media is the property of Student Media and may be published elsewhere with written permission from the business manager.

Any artwork or photographs should be furnished by the advertisers or may by supplied by Student Media staff by prior agreement.

Student Media will provide minimal design and typesetting free of charge. Extensive layout and design work will be billed at 10 percent the cost of the advertisement.

The client must proof all typesetting.

The placement of any matter for publication or on-air broadcast will be regarded as acceptance of all the provisions in this media kit.

Fine Print

All rates are net. Any commission earned by an agency or placement service must be added to stated rates. All contracts (display or classifieds) must be signed and returned to our offices before contract rate is valid.

25% Charge For All Late Ads:
Ads received after the deadline will be charged a 25 percent late fee./p>

Design Charges:
We have a talented creative team that is ready to help any customer design an ad from scratch. The charge for designing an ad from scratch is 10 percent of the cost of the ad. All minor changes to an ad are done free of charge by our creative team. Allow five business days (before deadline) for the creative team to design an ad and to send proofs for approval./p>