Distribution Locations

Thanks to everyone who came to the release party on Monday, April 16. The Windhover staff will now be working diligently to distribute the magazine across campus. Most copies will have a bookmark with a download code for the audio content. Visit www.studentmedia.ncsu.edu/windhover/audio for for the download.

These locations have copies as of Thursday, April 19:

  • Thompson Theater, Crafts Center
  • Reverie Coffee Den
  • 3rd Floor of Witherspoon Student Center
  • D.H. Hill Learning Commons and copies at the main circulation desk
  • Harrelson Hall
  • Caldwell Lounge
  • Talley 1st & 2nd floor lobby
  • Brooks Design Library

These locations will all have copies soon:

  • Each dorm common area
  • Turlington+ (extra copies)
  • Alexander+ (extra copies)
  • Bragaw+ (extra copies)
  • Park Shops Tutorial Ctr
  • Centennial EB 1
  • Centennial EB 2
  • Centennial EB 3
  • Centennial Textiles
  • Visitor Center
  • McKimmon Center
  • Carmichael Rec Center
  • AACC, AACC Library
  • Cinema Lobby
  • CHASS Lounge, Tompkins, Caldwell, Winston (more once first delivery is gone)
  • 1911 Building
  • Poe Hall Lounges
  • Brooks Hall
  • Price Music Center
  • Honors Village Commons
  • Berry Lounge/Library

If you have a suggestion for a place to leave copies that is not on the above list, email us!

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