Green by Jonathan Sanyer

with envy?

Green, cards?
Now-a-days it seems like green can’t get you too far.

And like Kermit The Frog used to sing,“It ain’t easy being green”
Sometimes I think, it’s kinda hard living this American Dream

Green is the color any man can choose to hate
Green is black
Green is brown
Green is red, yellow, or white
where one man’s war
becomes another man’s fight

Green is the scene
God chooses when we fuck up the in between
Green is the fade to black
when we lay down for our last dream

it’s more than a color, it’s a matter of taste

and if we’re married to our fates
there’s no need to save the date

it’s bitter
it’s hostile
it’s hard and it’s cold

it’s funny funny because green is the color we chose to replace gold

green infects the young
it turns good people old
it’s poisonous, that’s why green is the color of mold

you see I value money
for what it is, not what it’s worth
a form of currency, not my last right on this earth

it’ll never be my final testimony
not a decimal a comma or another dead tree
you see at this point in my life

green should envy me

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