Loving You by Anonymous NC State student

I love you more
With each and every moment;
I love you more
Than I intended to.
I love you more with every day that passes my dear,
And every day’s another day I’m loving you.

I know you smile when you tell me
That I’m crazy
Because you know that I’m crazy about you
And that I spend all of my spare time daydreaming
Of all the days I’ll cherish as
I’m loving you

No matter how far apart we grow together
And I know deep in your heart that you’re sure too
They never said that true loves come without some effort
But let me say that every day I’m loving you

If a flower is a way to show a feeling
Then I’ve got a field of roses here to view
And if a stone shows dedication to the girl who sends me reeling
Then I’ve got to give this diamond ring to you

I’ve been waiting my whole life
To find my perfect loving wife
And I know that you’re the only one who’ll do
You’re the answer to my question when I’m at a loss for words and that’s why I can’t tell you enough that I love you

It’s been years since we first met and now we’re standing here today
And I can’t wait until the day you say
“I do”;
You’re my best friend and I’m telling you, you take my breath away-
My dying breath I’ll spend to tell you I love you

And my whole life will have been worth just loving you.

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