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The Last Ones by John Rabon

I can still see her there in the sunlight. Through the boards covering my windows, there are small streams of light that penetrate the defenses and allow me a chance to see the world outside. The beams brighten my house as best they can, but sometimes they’re like little floodlights trained on my position, challenging me to come outside. Continue reading…

Simple Mind by Alex West

I wish to hold you
Oh how I’d love to mold you
Has no one over told you
How perfect you are?

And now you’re acting bold, you
Looks like I have to scold you
Has no one ever told you
How innocent you are?

But come and breathe my gold, you
Its all you could or should do
And simple mind, oh simple mind
How I do love to control you

Simple being, humble man
Do please show me your ways
For centuries I caused displeasure
And my happiness does fray

Oh simple man, honorable plea
The wicked ways did tempt me
For this you did not defend me
Oh simple mind, simple mind; at least you don’t feel empty

Windhover Interest Meeting!

Windhover is an annual publication created by students, for students. We would love to have you on staff this year. Although all positions exception for designers are unpaid, working with this award-winning publication is a smart addition to a résumé and gives great experience. The committment for each position fluctuates, but since the publication is annual, the time commitment will vary from week to week.

Visit Student Media Open House on Monday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. or visit Windhover during the editor’s office hours on Tuesday or Thursday from 1:15-3:15 to learn how you can get involved with this year’s publication.

Windhover will be hiring two more designers, an audio editor, a visual arts editor and a literary editor. If you are interested in more information about any of these positions or the requirements, please email the editor-in-chief.

Thanks for your interest in this award-winning publication.

All For You by Alex West

A shrill chill willed wild wind winding through sonorous streets,
Banishing the balmy blanket of covetous clouds.
Gaily gathered gangs of gawkers feasted feats or treats,
Daringly displayed, by drab-dressed members of the crowd.
Wistful listless wanderers, annual spectacle.

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Mathematician Struggle by Alex West

There was a man named Drew
Who taught Calculus Three
And his wife Sally Anne Sue
Who taught Geometry
That got married conveniently
They both went by “Doctor”
Teaching at the University
Best wishes, Dr. Hoctor.

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