Lullaby by David Koh

Lullaby to me to me My quietus this cantus be The heavens bear my voice to thee And sing me softly to thy dreams Soft ye now, the stars are playing Maybe they can hear me praying Some must go, but each one staying Plays the part of each one straying

What was a Dream… by Kathryn Bryant

Little girl so innocent, a future seeming so bright, Dreaming of knights and princes, everything quite right. Dawning all the jewels and dresses, daring her heart to dream, Filled with love and hope and song, happy as any could seem.   Yet childhood passes quickly and the darkness of the world seeps in, It’s now […]

Running by Tyree Daye

Running Running and screaming Running and screaming from a gin drinking man Black hands drity from them white folks drit That even his farther work on and died on Never died for Naw never died for Naw would of cut his own throat before he stop being a man A gin drinking man past it […]