Far-Flung, Heart in hand, the broken promise by Courtney Nicholson


In slips
In sighs,
Those petty cries
From near, to dear, to far-flung
Not me.
I know
I’d never go
Past ‘DO,’
To ‘DON’T’
For that, I’ve flung the farthest.

Heart in Hand

Here I stand,
Heart in hand
A crook’d smile on my face
And Water plays
Drip-Drop Drip
The Broken Promise

One day
I broke a promise
I snapped it straight in two
And left it there
For you


There is nothing in the fear that darkness brings
The eyes flicker,
The heart races,
The mouth opens
To suck in the ragged shallow breaths—
The hands search, grope, and seek for something
More, less, new, old
A threat,
A Chance,
A Promise!
…. But there is nothing in the fear that darkness brings
That heart-racing, eyes-seeking fear—
That darkness brings.
Just well-kept secrets,
Which begin in dreams, and are all-too quick to become nightmares.
The light switches on,
The world alights like wildfire, encouraged by blinks
And for a moment neither light nor dark is seen
The hands stop their fumbling
And settle
The heart slows to a calm, steady beat
Relief overwhelms us
The blind-eyes stop their searching
They stare straight ahead and at nothing else

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