“Tectonic Plates” by Amy Blitchok

The earth is made up of many layers; the uppermost being the mantle, whose crust consists of many tectonic plates. Scientists have concluded that the movement of these plates is responsible for the variations in the earth’s topography as well as many natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanoes. The most widely accepted theory attributes the shifting of these plates to heat and energy that rises from the earth’s core and acts as a driving force wherever cracks occur in the crust.

Really it all has to do with heat

and energy

and turning little cracks into gaping holes

and how in one day massive things that exist below the surface can shift in a way that is physically real and visibly noticeable.

Basically, the way you look at me and smile at me and talk to me is different.

I like the new shape of things.

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