Drop by Cameron Nelson

Destined to fall,
yet not for failure
One perfect point
plunged to the earth.

Born in the firmament,
and from the heavens fallen.
Not cast aside
but kindly dropped

One gentle sliver
of a violent symphony.
Playing its piece
while at the whims of the wind.

Formed by opposition
it falls faultless.
One among millions.
Brilliant and forgettable.

The zephyr is its master.
Made to pelt,
or to caress,
it has no choice.

Its end is swift
to hit with a splat
only to join
a new torrents path.

Child Suicide by Otis Robinson, Jr.

The neighbors kept a big angry dog
His favorite pastime was showing
Off the menacing yellow knives that stood in his mouth
He was caged though so it didn’t matter

It wasn’t death
But it was
Milk Water Gatorade
Kool-Aid Orange Juice Apple Juice

One big gulp
Nearing barf
Sickness in a glass
At that moment only this suicide mattered

That day at 115 Beth Avenue
Suicide was my only thought
Raiding the fridge
Gathering the drinks that mattered