A Love So Loud

(from Anonymous D to Anonymous S)

Its crumpled, crushed, and hidden roses

and notes between us too

Its nights snuck out to dinner

And silently mouthed “I love you”s

Its time spent with roommates gone and

Hotel rooms bought for freedom

Its dreams of times together when

Scared times, we won’t need them

It’s the love that’s shared between us

And it can never make a sound

It’s the love that’s shared between us

And yet, it is so loud

Did you see that? It was life. by Alex Petercuskie

Keep a smile like a child’s,

A heart that is wild

‘Cause the spirit is triumphant,

As the flesh is volatile

Souls invaluable

From an infallible source

The Great Spirit, a simple truth,

So I look to the North

I desire a clean mind

With a tough core,

A strong, unspoken beauty

With a soft contour

It’s like I’m walking on miracles

Brushed by a strange grace

People are my home, and earth just a place

They say time flies, I say it’s fast

Like Marion’s medal, one life can never last

So remember to see, remember to laugh

Be who you are driving life on full blast

Crimson by Caitlin Conway

I want the truth to bleed
I want it too spill from this wound you call life
I want it to pour relentlessly
I want to see it
I want to look at its crimson droplets
I want to know it
I want to remember it’s cold facts
I want to hear it
I want it to be the only sound I know
I want the truth to bleed
Let it pour from your wound
And it shall pour out of mine
You are almost out of time
Then there will be no wound
because then
there will be no you
and it will only be the lies you left behind
for me myself and I to find.