It was October – by Matt Wimberley

It was October (or late September)

A crowded room,
but I don’t see anyone but you.
I’ve got a problem with jaw control
so I’ll make words for you to hold.

I want to be famous
in your eyes,
in that space where diamonds collide,
and notes are written with winks

This is that first time,
all over again
when the world has stopped
when I forget what to say next.

How much of me can you take in
before you’ve had your fill.

It’s that first night all over again,
we’re on empty streets
looking over our shoulders
to see who’s following us here,
and then were on an elevator
moving to see the city from the top.
If no one’s ever shown it to you
from here before
then this is our place.
We leave half moons on everything
we touch.

Tomorrow we wont be able to hide from them,
but for now lets steal a minute up here,
where the air is thinner,
where it’s hard to breathe,
is it hard for you to

This is a crowded room,
and I see you there