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by Garrison Locke

Later than now
is earlier than tomorrow
in most cases but not
the ways of time.
Once upon a yesterday –
the day before today –
before never was around,
when days were long
and years were short –
tick tick tick tick stopped.

Untitled by Garrison Locke

Shaking down the avenue left
upon the fields of wheat,
from whence the ocher tides of grain –
bereft of all their glory –
I stood looking out upon that sea
searching for an answer
I did not know the question to.

Hat Lust

by Garrison Locke

a teapot tops your cane of gold
your hat stands mad as clocks unfold
down rabbit hole you did not go
the job you have to always show
our own madness cannot compete
your promises we find replete
exposed to mercury you must
be crazy now with mad hat lust
the hatter riddles by the time
for tea’s at six his watch will chime