NCSU students receive state-wide recognition

At the fourth-annual statewide convention of the North Carolina College Media Association 13 individual N.C. State students received awards and three media outlets placed in the Best of Show competition.

  • Individual staff members of the Technician daily newspaper received seven awards in everything from opinion writing to design. The Technician received Best of Show recognition for both the print edition and the online edition.
  • The Windhover also received Best of Show recognition, as did three other literary magazines statewide, and three students who submitted work for the magazine received recognition.
  • The Agromeck yearbook received recognition in every category and also placed in the Best of Show competition.

CLICK HERE for summaries of the sessions that the students attended.

Agromeck named finalist for second national award

2010 AgromeckThe Associated Collegiate Press named the 2010 Agromeck yearbook edited by Bryant Robbins and Michele Chandler a finalist for its top award — the Pacemaker.

Two Technician grants awarded

Joshua Chappell and Brooke Wallig are the newest recipients of the Technician grant, a $1,000 grant for students with fewer than 36 hours who serve staff positions on the daily student newspaper and who plan to assume a leadership role in the future.

The Brick

Produced by the NCSU Student Media as a collaborative effort with Student Government, the Alumni Association and the First Year College, The Brick is a handbook of current traditions at North Carolina State University.


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