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Minutes | March 25


-graduation cords ( we will try to fund them as best we can)

– Congrats on Sunshine Week, but we want to publicize better in the future

– World Press Freedom Day – do we want to support it? Yes

– Current balance of $57.41 (should have $51.08) (spent about $100 on food!)

– how do we want to help the SPLC?

should we send them money?


Everyone bring $1?

Le’s wait for now

– what can we do better? what did we do right?

@sunshine week

Improve – Plan ahead!, publicize better! start earlier! have refreshments earlier, be better prepared, have different days, (later in the week)

good –

good content, students seemed more engaged, better turn out, scholars event

– we need to promote SCJ more in general

-begin thinking about election of new officers


Tudor? maybe a minor role

maybe but not president

What do positions entail?

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