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Minutes | April 1

Please vote by Thursday, April 7th by noon. Enter your name in the subject field, but your responses will only be seen by me!!  Passive voice!

Also we are eating at Jasmines on Thursday April 7th by 7:30pm. Be there because it’s the last time you’ll see me (maybe)! We are passing on the torch!
Attached and listed below are nomination speeches sent by email.


I cannot be at the meeting tomorrow because I will be driving home.  I dunno if this is much of a speech, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got.
I know that I have not been in this organization very long, but I do believe in its’ potential.  I am extremely organized and punctual, so the role of secretary would be appropriate for me because I know I would be able to keep track of all of the Society’s affairs.  I believe in the success of this organization and think that I would be a good person to help in instilling this success. Thanks!Elise
AMANDA WILKINS, PRESIDENT:Hello everyone. I am sorry I have not been able to come to the meetings this year. Next semester that will be so much easier.
I want to thank whoever nominated me for the position of president. It has been an honor to serve as the editor-in-chief of the Technician and become immersed in journalism. It has been equally rewarding to see others cultivate their journalism skills, whether it is an article, in audio, video or photo.
There is so much potential in the Society for Collegiate Journalists and Student Media as a whole. We have the potential, as a group, to educate and inform the campus, while rebuilding the trust they should have in the media we serve. We can show them what true journalism is: facts, truth and what is right and fair. We are here to inform and enlighten.
There are many functions we fill as journalists, but the student body lacks. Staying informed on the issues (such as the budget and University changes, changes in SG/ASG/GA) and helping others understand what is going on around them should be one our goals. I think we should be running more programs to help students educate themselves and inspire them to want to seek out the answers too.
I wish everyone good luck in the elections and have a great weekend.

I’m on the road for a trip with the scholars program, I apologize to everyone for my absence. I was nominated for secretary and president. Thank you to those who nominated me.  Given my schedule and commitment level to everything I choose to be part of I would like to submit my interest for secretary only.  I am an organized, driven, people-focused person who hates talking about myself, especially through someone who was kind enough to read my statement at the meeting (this :-) is to you). I can and will wield the position to help people better understand and participate inSCJ and to use our society to promote journalism wherever we can.  Short and sweet, judge me as you will. I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Hello, I would nominate myself as secretary of the group because I am able to take effective minutes and would help the president in anything she or he needs help in. I also would dedicate my time

for each meeting and make sure everyone who said something at the meeting and was present at the meeting will be recorded in the minutes. As a secretary I also would like to present myself at every event and make sure Society for Collegiate Journalists are presented well on campus.Please vote for me! I also will try to get out of class early on Friday to be at the meeting.-Joanna E. Banegas
In our meeting we had speeches from:
Kathryn Glaser, any position.
Sarah Tudor, President. Lucia Moser, Vice President.

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