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Minutes | November 5

SCJ Meeting Minutes 11/5
Present: Kathryn, Alanna, Kieran, Michael Jones, Joanna, Jeniece,  Luis
Excused: Nathan, Meredith (feel better! J)
Absent: Joe, Lucia, Susannah
This week, we mainly focused on the panel discussion in light of the events that happened this past Sunday at the Freedom Expression Tunnel that sparked the Black Out Against Racism event ( and outrage among students ( calling for the action from school officials against racial slurs.
Student Government is helping promote the event, which is beneficial because they have a large network of contacts.
Martha discussed possible candidates for panelists including Paul Cousins, Director of the Office of Student Conduct, someone from the University’s legal counsel offices and Jose Picart. Also on the list of possible candidates was Jay Dawkins, Student Body President during the time of the first racially-charged anti-Obama freedom expression tunnel incident (that involved the NC chapter of NAACP and federal investigators).
-We have two confirmed panelists – Eileen Goldgeier, Vice-Chancellor and General Counsel to the University and Turi Plisch, Assistant Director, Student Conduct. Waiting to hear from Mike Tadych at Stevens, Martin, Vaughn and Tadych law firm and Tony Caravano.
If Mike or no one from the firm is available Wednesday, Eileen Goldgeier will follow-up with contacts at Campbell’s law school.
If Tony

isn’t available, we’ll invite Jay Dawkins.

-Susannah is working on a flier and program for the event.
-Kieran is on standby to do a PSA when we have all the info.
-Sasha Campbell will work on an ad for the event this afternoon.
-Tyler agreed to be our moderator.
Things we need:
-Questions for panelists.
-Add to the university’s calendar, Technician page two.
Questions, suggestions welcome. Thanks everyone!
To advertise:  Put on technician community calendar,  WKNC ad
Purpose of the panel is to inform the campus community, so that they are aware this is happening, and so everyone has the opportunity to listen / participate.
AASAC meeting at 2pm. Updates from Martha and/or Joanna?
We have to come up with questions that reflect free speech in the campus community.
Michael Jones and Kathryn discussed hate speech vs. hate crime, and what is free speech?
History of Freedom Expression Tunnel: 1960s – response to Vietnam war? In response to graffiti? Any big outcrys since then? Thank you Luis for investigating.
UPDATE: (also from Martha)
SCJ to partner up with Student Government to present:
Panel discussion on free speech and the first amendment
Wednesday, November 10th at 7pm (THIS WEDNESDAY)
Student Senate Chambers Witherspoon Second Floor
Martha needs volunteers for the panel on Wednesday. Can anyone go???

Thank you Susannah for the poster.

Thank you Martha for the pizza (vegetarians are happy) and for keeping us updated. Please read Martha’s emails or she will call you out.

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