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Minutes | October 15

A lot of info from today’s meeting, so please read on.

In attendance: Martha Collins, May Chung, Michael Jones, Meredith Faggart, Lucia Moser, Kate Shefte, Alanna Howard (later)

Absent: Jessica Neville, Nick Tran, Tommy Anderson, Brent Kitchen, Kathryn Glaser, Nathan Hardin,

Joanna Banegas, Luis Zapata, Susannah Brinkley

Excused: Jeneice Jamison, Kieran Moreira, Joe Wright

Meetings are FRIDAYS AT 11:05PM, so if you have a class that lets out then, come right after! And now you have no excuse not to come! Change the time on your calendar ‘cause we’re gonna try to stick with it.  I’ll try to bring some lunchies next time.


I know a lot of people have felt overwhelmed about the amount of events that we have put on and Martha and I understand that. Thank you so much for giving your time and effort for all of y’all who have been showing up diligently, I really do appreciate it.

Upcoming Events:


That being said, I don’t think we’re gonna have any major events sometime soon to give all of ya’ll some time to rest. SO we’re gonna move our panel to next semester, but we need to be in contact with the panelists before Thanksgiving at the very latest.  We’re still gonna stick with the whole tying Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech thing in to a discussion.

So, to recap, we talked about the Kuran-burning preacher (freedom of assembly) and building the mosque on ground zero.

DATE: Next semester. The date TBD but between the end of MLKJ’s Bday and Valentine’s Day – Lucia talked about a possible tie-in with VD? Free speech for your lover? We will need to check the basketball schedule to make sure our panel doesn’t coincide with those dates, and make it a scholar’s event.

PLACE: Venue: Witherspoon? Meredith thinks a smaller, more intimate space would be better. Suggestions? Stewart Theatre?

PANELIST Suggestions

Martha still wants Anna Bigelow, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies,  to either moderate or become a panelist.

Middle East, Muslim community component? Meredith has the hookup to the hookup with the Muslim Student Association?

Viewpoint editor of the Technician – backup because we want someone outside of Student Media

Contact the Political Science Department for panelists.

I still like the idea of getting the Pullen Baptist preacher, the one who is openly gay and was arrested, and a member of the Tea Party. Martha thinks balance is great, extremely liberal and extremely conservative will get people to come.

We need to have a dialogue with them before we leave for Thanksgiving Break.

4 panelists is enough. We need to email people NOW and make a list of 4 panelists we really want, and have 2 / 3 backups.




Regardless of what time, you all are REQUIRED to attend. Doesn’t matter if you can only show up for a few minutes, I have to see you that night. Surely, you can make time for ONE night of SCJ, especially if you haven’t been coming to the meetings. If not, I’m gonna be calling you over and over.


Kate: check schedule, call Mitches to make a reservation

Mere & I meet up: Gchat. Identify real people for panelists, make a list, check it twice.

Lucia: Contact poly sci dept.

Michael jones: Contact Anna bigelow, history dept


Alanna, how is the website coming? Can you post all the past minutes up? I can resend them to you if you would like, just let me know!


Meredith learned 2 new words

Michael Jones also learned a new word



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