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Happy Constitution Day!

The members of SCJ decided to celebrate the birthday of the Constitution and spread the word about Constitution Day by spray-painting the Free Expression Tunnel the night before. We met at 10 p.m. at the tunnel. Meredith and Helen brought painting materials, and Luis brought the stencils he laser cut in chip board. Helen and Susannah had spent a few hours earlier in the week designing our mural and creating the stencils in Illustrator.

[lwegallery 500×300]

This was our first bonding experience of the year, and everyone seemed to have a really great time. Tim, one of the new members, really stepped up — and helped us with our math, as Helen and Susannah felt it was important to

keep the flag proportional to the real thing. Everyone participated in the painting, taking turns to make it look really cool and unique. We had several passersby tell us how awesome they thought our design was, so we knew we’d done a good job when

we were through.

We discussed doing another Free Expression Tunnel mural for other events in the future, like Free Speech Week and Sunshine Week, because everyone had such a good time, and we were still spreading the word about Constitution Day to the campus. Plus, it only took us two hours to paint the entire thing.

Thanks to everyone who helped out! And more photos to be uploaded eventually!

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