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NCSU chapter members sweep national SCJ awards

The national Society for Collegiate Journalists released the names of the national individual and publication award winners. NCSU media and staff members won 20 awards, including nine first-place awards. NCSU swept the newspaper feature writing category with stories by Kathleen Gordon and Alison Harmon. NCSU also swept the radio broadcast news category with “88.1 Seconds of Technician” by Tyler Dukes, Kyle Robb and Laura White. The Agromeck yearbook received

five first-place awards, including first place for overall excellence in large schools.


NP1, Overall Excellence, published more frequently than weekly:

  • 2nd place Technician
  • Judge: Kristen Graham, The Philadelphia Inquirer. Comments: “An impressive student publication, with good design and nice writing.”

NP8 Feature Writing:

NP10 Sports Features:

NP18 Front Page Layout:

  • 1st place, Helen Dear, Technician, “Obama, Dems Win,” Nov. 5;
  • 2nd place, Helen Dear, Technician, “Choose your SBP today” March 25;
  • Honorable mention, Susannah Brinkley, Technician, “Krispy Kreme Challenge” Jan. 24.
  • Judge: Sterling Chen, News Art, page design, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

NP21 Sports Page Layout:

  • 1st place, Susannah Brinkley, Technician, “Former Wolfpack Coach” Aug. 21.
  • Judge: Sterling Chen, News Art, page design, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

NP23 Inside Page Design, Soft News:

  • 3rd place, Susannah Brinkley, Technician, “The Road to Success Blocked” Sept. 23.
  • Judge: David Kordalski, AME/Visuals, The Plain Dealer. General comments on the category: “The three winners in NP23 were by far the leaders in this category. Generally, the entries suffered from weak or overuse of color, poorly conceived images, bad crops and unsophisticated typography. The students should learn how to get the most out of the paper’s typographic palette rather than making one up for one package, and they should never, ever, squeeze or otherwise manipulate type until they really understand it well – and then, they won’t have to! All that said, I was pleased to see smart breakouts of content that could be used to hook readers in.”


RD1, Broadcast News:

  • 1st place, M. Tyler Dukes, WKNC-FM, “88.1 Seconds of Technician” March 17;
  • 2nd place, Kyle Robb, WKNC-FM, “88.1 Seconds of Technician” Dec. 1;
  • 3rd place, Laura White, WKNC-FM, “88.1

    Seconds of Technician” Feb.18.

RD4 Commercial, Promotion and Public Announcement:

  • 3rd place, Robert Earle, Industrial Revolution Promo.
    Judge: Brett Tannehill, Senior Reporter, Alabama Public Radio. Comments RD1: “put up your best information at the top of your story.”


YB 1, Coverage of the year: 1st place.
Judge: Rick Gotshall, formerly of the Indianapolis Star. Comments: “Most schools neglect to include local, national and worlds news as it affects campus. The first-place book did this to a degree while also offering a clear portrait of the school year.”

YB 2, Concept: 2nd place.
Judge: Rick Gotshall, formerly of the Indianapolis Star. Comments: “Effective use of graphic and verbal thematic elements, using a solid design formula. I especially liked the use of song lyrics as headlines to carry the theme throughout the articles.”

YB 3, Reporting in words: 1st place.
Judge: Rick Gotshall, formerly of the Indianapolis Star. Comments: “This was an extremely hard category to judge because all of the entries were quite good. The articles were well written, with engaging leads and illuminating quotes. This was not mere yearbook “copy.” These were real stories showing how good yearbooks are written.”

YB 4, Photography: 1st place.
Judge: James Rainey

YB 5, Layout, design, graphics: 1st place.
Judge: James Rainey

YB6b, Overall excellence, large schools, enrollment 6000+: 1st place.
Judge: James Rainey

Martha Collins serves as the chapter’s adviser.

The N.C. State chapter of the Society was formed in 1996. In 2003, Jerry Moore, then editor of the Technician, was selected as the National Collegiate Journalist of the Year by SCJ.

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