Photo of the Week | April 22-26

Technician Photo Editor Natalie Claunch said: I picked Joannah Irvin’s photo because it is behind-the-scenes coverage of an event N.C. State hosts every year– Art to Wear. We usually see runway shots from this show, which highlight the fashion, but this photo shows us the preparation before the big moment. Joannah’s choice of framing includes… Read more »

Photo of the Week | April 15-19

 Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said: Greg Wilson’s photo is a great example of what a feature photo should look like. He captured different, visually striking and relevant student activity in a creative way. Not only did Greg go off campus to get this shot, but he suspended himself in the air above and behind the subject. This… Read more »

Photo of the Week | April 8-12

Technician Deputy Photo Editor Ryan Parry said: This week’s photo of the week goes to Technician Photo Editor Natalie Claunch’s picture of Jake Armstrong preparing to make an outfield catch at the Virginia Tech baseball game. We don’t often capture the moments in the outfield, but when we do, this is how they should be done. The… Read more »

Photo of the Week | April 1-5

Technician Deputy Photo Editor John Joyner said: Greg Wilson did a nice job here of thinking outside the box to get this shot. Using a GoPro, he was able to get the shot from an angle that would have been very hard to get otherwise. Getting a shot from onboard the bike lent an intimacy to… Read more »

Photo of the Week | March 25-29

Technician Photography Editor Natalie Claunch said: Photo of the week goes to Tyler Andrews for his shot of the Panoramic Dance Project dress rehearsal. Tyler was able to effectively expose the photo for highlights and shadows, creating a dramatic effect to the moment of the dancer balancing herself. Her pose fills the entire frame, and creates… Read more »